which bromance is most popular? Anonymous

Sernando. Götzeus is probably a close second, but I’d say Sernando. :’) Thanks anon! xx

Aww you're so sweet <3 now I'm like the brazil anon ahah Anonymous

I give the specific names usually to people who cannot come off anon. It’s easier to find their posts. Otherwise everyone goes under ‘anon’… You could come off anon and chat if you want answered the questions I somehow missed. Or just ask them anon and I’ll keep tagging you that way… unless there’s some other specific way you’d like to be tagged? Thank you x

I think I'm a little jealous now because I've followed your tumblr for a long time, but you didn't answer to my questions so often... I can say I'm one of your first fans ahah. Anyway I want you know that you have followers from Italy too <3 Anonymous

Omg darling! I don’t how it’s possible that I didn’t answer your messages. I answer all of my messages unless they’re hateful. Please tell me anything you asked. I’m more than happy to answer. I love all of my followers and readers and the ones that were here from day one, of course, have a special place in my heart. You’re welcome to message me off anon or send a message via “fanmail”… Thank you so much. I’m giving you your own tag ‘italy anon’ so you can find any messages I reply to. I’m truly sorry for any messages I missed. I can only blame Tumblr to be honest. I answer everything.

Okay, someone just asked me “how many admins” were running this blog…

In case anyone else is unsure, there is just one person running this blog and writing these fics (unless I state otherwise and link you to a friend’s AO3). :)


However many followers you have is how many kids you have with your icon.

do you have any notps(most hated ships)? Anonymous

YES. Messi/David Villa. So much. Actually Messi/anyone I like. Just nope.

Torres/Agger. Seriously.



real or chelsea? Anonymous
I'm sure the neymar & alexis writing will be great! All your writing is amazing!!xx Anonymous
THANK YOU!!!Look forward to reading it.:D Anonymous

Erm, I’m not sure what you’re looking forward to, but YEEY! and Thank you! <3 xx

why didn't you ever write something like serjuanando threesome? Anonymous

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