Personally, I don’t think you should change. I like your url and me and everyone else is used to this. :)

Thank you. :) I was thinking this same thing. I’ve been this url for a long time, but I really don’t want to be confused with someone else. My work is mine, and I don’t want people to be mistaken.


So, there’s a new fic writer on the scene suddenly, and their blog title is ‘football bromance.’ I don’t want any confusion between me and this other person, so I think it’s time to change my URL. URL changes seem to be a big ball of confusion for everyone though, so it makes me nervous. Thoughts?

FYI: I’ve deleted my Twitter. Sorry if you anons followed me there. I’m up for other forms of communication if you all want that, but I can’t do Twitter anymore.


Please I need more Gerlonso in my life, so please write a Gerlonso fic 18+, make it hot xD Anonymous

Anon, we all need more sexy Gerlonso in our lives. Unf. I think I’ll get to this asap. Thank you!!! Xx

I hope you get over your exhaustion! Not because I want more fics from you (ok of course i want more fics from you) but mostly cause you're amazing and deserve to be feeling good and happy! Anonymous

Thank you, anon!! I appreciate this. I’m trying. I’ll write soon. Xx

Do you like Seriker? Anonymous

I used to be really loyal to Sernavas and Fabsillas, but recently I’ve started kind of letting them go, I think and I ship Seriker more and more every day. So short answer: yes, I do.

what about cabaye? I love him, and I've been kind of shiping him and debuchy, do u agree with them together? (I don't like giroud too much) xx brazil anon Anonymous

I adore Cabaye and I have shipped him with Debuchy… but YOU DON’T LIKE GIROUD?? MY FEELS. *cries* What’s not to like??

Btw, if you’re asking whether I’d write Debuchy/Cabaye, the answer has to be no, I think. I’m just too exhausted lately. I haven’t been able to write anything lately. Sorry, my dear Brazil anon. xx

Are there any new one shots coming soon? :) Anonymous

Um… maybe? In a while. I don’t know. I’m exhausted lately. I haven’t felt like writing a thing all week. 

beautiful-crazy-enigma24 said: His sexiness intimidates you?? I totally agree to be honest.

Pretty much… I always think, “Will I write him well enough??? He’s so hot and perfect. Will I capture that???”

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