Anyone who wants to get replies from Nice Amanda should refrain from mentioning the names Fernando Torres or Xabi Alonso to me.

Now that Nando is at Milan you have to like it! Anonymous

Oh.. is that how football works now?

yossi benayoun is in love with torres like his whole life :D Anonymous

Yossi and Torres are friends. That’s all I really see there tbh.

I'm begging you, please write a hot lamperry Fic, like really hot Anonymous

I’m on hiatus. Sorry.

Personally, I don’t think you should change. I like your url and me and everyone else is used to this. :)

Thank you. :) I was thinking this same thing. I’ve been this url for a long time, but I really don’t want to be confused with someone else. My work is mine, and I don’t want people to be mistaken.


So, there’s a new fic writer on the scene suddenly, and their blog title is ‘football bromance.’ I don’t want any confusion between me and this other person, so I think it’s time to change my URL. URL changes seem to be a big ball of confusion for everyone though, so it makes me nervous. Thoughts?

FYI: I’ve deleted my Twitter. Sorry if you anons followed me there. I’m up for other forms of communication if you all want that, but I can’t do Twitter anymore.


Please I need more Gerlonso in my life, so please write a Gerlonso fic 18+, make it hot xD Anonymous

Anon, we all need more sexy Gerlonso in our lives. Unf. I think I’ll get to this asap. Thank you!!! Xx

I hope you get over your exhaustion! Not because I want more fics from you (ok of course i want more fics from you) but mostly cause you're amazing and deserve to be feeling good and happy! Anonymous

Thank you, anon!! I appreciate this. I’m trying. I’ll write soon. Xx

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