Some Liverpool fans still feel that way about Fernando, I support Chelsea and have a huge crush on Santi (idk don't ask) As long as we support our team till the end what does matter if we like a player from a rival club. Thats my opinion any way :3 Anonymous

Oh gosh. If people are not okay with the fact that I love and respect rival players, they’re just going to have to piss off. I support Chelsea (who have 542164 rivals) and Real Madrid. I adore Mesut, Olivier, and a couple of the Germans that play for Arsenal. Poor Juanin at United and I even like De Gea. I loved Granero even when he went to QPR. And I absolutely love and respect Steven Gerrard and a couple of his teammates. We might be in a crazy title race with City, but that doesn’t stop me loving Silva, Jesusito, and Joe Hart. My list of rival Spanish loves is smaller, but I’ll probably get more hate for it. Especially in light of the way El Clasico just ended (what a bunch of bs)… Nevertheless, I still adore Cesc Fabregas, respect Xavi (though he pisses me off sometimes), and like Pique. I also really respected Puyol and still do, regardless of retirement. Oh, not to mention Villa at Atleti.

I admire and respect a lot of players. That doesn’t mean I support their clubs. That doesn’t mean I want them to win matches. That doesn’t mean I’m happy when they score against my clubs. But it does mean I’m not petty enough to hate them simply, because they play for a club I hate. If I liked them somewhere else, I’ll like them anywhere.

New fics? Please? *puppy eyes* Anonymous

Aww the puppy eyes *_* I am working on it!! I’ll be posting a third chapter to the Uni AU soon, and I’m trying to work on a new fic, but I can’t seem to get my ideas all sorted out. I’m trying though! Thanks for the interest!!

Hey I was wondering if you could write some Van Persie and Cesc fic about Robin hoping Cesc will transfer to his club at the end of the season because he promised (since they're in a relationship).. The ending, whether he does or not, is up to you! Anonymous

I am sorry, but no. I have about 4651324654 negative feels toward Van Persie. I could never write him, especially not with Cescky.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read you don't write about Dani Alves can i ask why? Though i'm not sure why anyone would want to read about him anyway ewww hehehe :P Anonymous

He’s an asshole. And he gives me the creeps, to be honest. He looks like a thug.


Thank you xD Sorry for the scare! They’re staying!

Hiii(: I just thought I'd remind you of what you already know by telling you how amazing you are :P I'm always looking forward to the next awesome post <3 (: Anonymous

Thank you so much!!! <3 I hope to have a new post for you soon!! <3 xx

Could you please, pretty please, write some Gotze/Reus? I feel like they've been forgotten of late. :( Anonymous

I don’t think they’ve been forgotten. I think people hate Mario now. I wrote them into the second chapter of my Uni AU. And they’ll be featured in the third chapter as well. :) As of right now, I don’t really have any plans to write a fic solely about them. Hope you can enjoy reading about them in the University fic! xx

I just read the Mata/Torres/Cazorla story, it was amazing i loved it but poor Santi I felt really sorry for him :( any way can i ask you something? what are your opinions on Juan now? do you still like him? Anonymous

Thank you so much! I actually felt really sorry for Santi while I was writing too. xD but I ship Juanando so hard. I couldn’t split them up.

As for my opinions on Juan, I feel like you expect me to say that I hate him now. That could not be further from the truth. I absolutely adore him. I always will, no matter where he goes (not that he can go anywhere worse -_-). I HATE Manchester United with the fire of a thousand suns, but I’ve always adored Juan. He’s a beautiful person, and I don’t blame him for taking the deal he could get. Jose shit on him, and made it unbearable for him at Chelsea. I actually feel really sorry for Juan. United might not even get a spot at the CL. Juan deserves to play in the CL. And I ship Juanando so hard, as I said, so I believe he probably misses Fernando so badly. I feel sorry for both of them. Every time I see Juan tweet about Manchester, I get teary-eyed. I’m still pretty heartbroken and I miss him. anyway, sorry for the long ass answer. Long story short: He’s one of my favorite players and I will always love him, no matter what.

Thanks for the feedback, and the question, Anon. <3

"Calcio University" Chapter 2

Title: “Calcio University” Chapter 2 (Chapter 1)

Characters/Pairing: Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, Mario Gotze/Marco Reus, Kaka, Jurgen Klopp, Andriy Shevchenko


Rating: 12+ (some language, not much)

Word Count: 4206

Summary: AU!! What it might have been like if nearly the entire Spanish national team and loads of other sexy footballers all went to university together. And, yes, however statistically unlikely it is, they are all very gay. This chapter focuses on Cristiano and Mesut’s arrivals at the university and their histories.

Comments: Thank you all so much for the messages asking when I would update this, and all of the comments you left on the first chapter! I love reading all of them. I apologize for the wait. I was stuck for a while, but I do hope that you enjoy what I came up with! Also please do leave some comments HERE

Notes: Hmm… none really. There is not sexy time here, but I’m sure it will get more mature as the fic progresses, so be warned if you’re not into that you may have to scroll through some bits, but I do encourage you not to abandon an entire chapter because of an M warning…. this fic includes lots of characters and storylines. Not everyone will be doing the dirty at the same time!

Warnings: I no longer have a beta reader, so there may be mistakes. I apologize. I changed up some pairings in this one. I’m sorry if this upsets you guys, but please don’t yell at me about it. Remember we all ship things differently. I hope you can all enjoy it regardless.

Don’t link this story to any other social networking site or copy and paste it anywhere, especially livejournal or It’s my original story. Have some respect. Read it and leave it here. Thank you.

Read More


I have gotten like 465465 messages asking if I am going to update my Uni AU, and begging me to update it. I had abandoned it for a long while. I apologize, but I am writing a second chapter right now!! I have 1900 words so far. This chapter focuses mainly on two characters missing from the first chapter: Cristiano and Mesut! I hope you all will like it!

Also… if anyone wants to beta, please let me know. I’m still without a beta. Thanks for your patience and loyalty, loves!

Oh, and if you’re reading this wondering what in hell I am on about, here’s a link to the first (and only) chapter to “Calcio University” aka my Uni AU featuring like all the pairings ever.

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